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Al Amanath Haj Service (India) Pvt Ltd is one of Indias fast developing Tour and Travel Agencies offering a Total Solution to pilgrims traveling to perform Haj & Umrah and Ziyarath Tours (Islamic historical tours).


Established in Chennai in 1996, the company has affiliates in Malaysia with local office in Ramanathapuram. With a core group of highly qualified, experienced and reputed professionals in fields of travel and tourism, and a well-connected network of affiliations throughout the middle-east and far-east, the company is all set to revolutionise the destination marketing industry.

Al Amanath incidentally is certified by the Ministry of External Affairs New Delhi and ministry of haj saudi arabia.

Mr. Mahmood Maraikar

Mr. Mahmood Maraikar is the General Secretary of the TamilNadu Haj Organisers Association(THOA).

As of date the agency has flown over 11000 passengers, and has played a significant role in strengthening the faith of Pilgrims.



Every set of Pilgrims is accompanied by a highly experienced Chef who understands food requirements for the entire Pilgrimage period. The Chef is briefed by our Tour Operators on the age-group, health status and specific requirements.

Proper care is taken to ensure that the Pilgrims receive homely meals and personalized care. Generally South Indian Cuisine is served but care is also taken to serve other related Cuisines.

Besides regular meals, fluids needed for the journey is also prepared and served.
Specially prepared Multi-Cuisine food served to Pilgrims



Hilton Towers

Our facilities range from Three Star to Five Star, depending upon the requirement. All in all our accommodation is located at close proximity, to Haram to ensure prompt and quick access to Public service points, Restaurants, Shopping centers etc.,

The rooms are well appointed and services, second to none.

Hilton Towers



Luxury Coach

The Benz Luxury coach provides pilgrims with all the comforts that is needed for the Pilgrims. The limited passenger bus ensures a comfortable and smooth journey with the needed breaks at Traditional Arabian Stop Over points. These points are well equipped with Mosques, Super Markets, Tea Parlours and Rest Rooms.

Luxury Coach



Every group is accompanied by a highly Qualified Experienced and Multi-Lingual Guide. Besides having knowledge of performing the various rituals for Haj & Umrah, he is well-versed with all other minute requirements of the entire experience, such as historical significance of the place, tips on shopping, food, local dos and donts etc.,

All in all our guides are beyond regular guides. They offer a total solutions to ensure top quality service.


Medical Services

Medcial Care

Every group is accompanied by a highly qualified and experienced Doctor who is well-versed both with Medical as well as the spiritual aspects of the health.

The Pilgrims are examined before the Journey and a close follow - through is administered by the Doctor, throughout the journey. Wherever there is a need for counseling, first aid and medical aid the Doctor ensures quick and prompt attention.

Medical Care


Special Care

A good number of our pilgrims are in the middle age and elderly category. Our team of tour guides and operators along with the doctor ensure very special care.

Cases like arthritis, backache, osteoporosis, blood pressure, diabetes are among the common ailments that the pilgrims have.

Our teams of specialists provide personal and individualized attention.


Orientation Program

Before embarking on the journey an orientation program is organized to ensure pilgrims are prepared in all aspects of the duas, rituals procedures, dress code, attitude and mental make-up, safety measures, temperatures diet, emergencies and crisis management situations.

Such a session is essential because the majority of the pilgrims are new-comers, performing their pilgrimage for the first time.

The Orientation session is organized in the spacious head office in Chennai according to the quantity of pilgrims we will arrange in any hotel and marriage halls. which accommodates approximately 80 members for each session. The venue is equipped with the state-of-the-art technology projection system, which generates high impact during presentation.

An Alim conducts the entire presentation explaining the significance of each and every ritual and procedure.


Crisis Management

Among the many aspects of the orientation, the pilgrims are briefed on management of crisis. They are taught essential words in Arabic, provided with contact numbers of Authorities like Counsel Generals office, Muallim office and Embassy in Jeddah etc., they are also provided tips on first aid and other emergency measures.


Other Services and Facilities

The agency is resourceful and is well-equipped with pilgrimage-related services such as

  • Ticketing
  • Passport / visa services
  • Medical Insurance
  • Currency exchange etc.,

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